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The CIO Survival Guide for the Experience Economy is a series of inspirational and confrontational articles originally published in the Dutch version of CIO Magazine. The articles cover a broad spectrum of topics and case studies, all of which will provide ideas on how to survive in the world of technology leadership in the future.

The articles include the User Experience of Domino’s Pizza Tracker, the online Customer Service of, the Salon B approach to Customer Relationships, the Employee Experience of Schiphol Travel, Metro Bank’s winning Customer Experience approach, and how TechShop is dominating the Experience Economy.
The CIO Survival Guide is written in a direct and informal way, which makes it easy to read. In addition to the cases, there are many additional examples and lists of resources to help you succeed in the Experience Economy.

The book can be purchased from Amazon US and UK, and can be downloaded as a PDF (for free) here CIO Survival Guide (2702 downloads )  .

Celebrating the CIO Survival Guide:

  • “No CIO I’ve ever worked with gets the Experience Economy more than Chris Parker. Now you too can embrace its principles by absorbing the lessons of his CIO Survival Guide.” Joe Pine, co-author, The Experience Economy and Infinite Possibility
  • “In only seven easy-to-read chapters, Chris has sorted out the essential principals to help you get customer experience right – right from the start. The stories and examples are priceless.” Mike Wittenstein, Customer Experience Designer & Strategist
  • “The CIO should develop towards ‘dual thinker’. Only the great ones will then survive… or become CEO. Chris is that kind of great thinker. His book is not only a survival kit but even more the roadmap… towards CEO.” Rob Beijleveld, CEO ICT Media, founder CIO Academy and foundation CharITy
  • “With IT now so deeply integral to everyone’s lives, relationships and work, every CIO needs to be driving an experiences-led strategy. The stakes are high, and Parker’s guidance is timely and astute. Your Board may be stuck in the past, expecting an old-style strategy and CIO. Survival is the minimum requirement!” Chris Potts, CIO Mentor and author of FruITion and RecrEAtion
  • “With customers in control and employees solving customer problems using personal tools, CIO’s need to elevate their vantage point to see how best to put employee and customer engagement at the forefront of their business technology strategy. In the CIO Survival Guide, Chris Parker, speaking with voice of experience and authority, lays out the issues and strategies for success in the experience economy.” Ted Schadler, co-author of Empowered
  • “Chris brings together a valuable collection of insights for the modern CIO that I wish I had in my possession over the last 25 years. Chris makes available his knowledge and considerable experience to share with the CIO community in this highly accessible compilation.” Richard Harrison, Expert in ICT Service Excellence, PA Consulting Group
  • “The CIO is in a challenging and risky position. IT is becoming more the domain of the business, which knows particularly well how to deal with all the new tools and solutions to reach the end customer. Chris Parker has an open eye for this tendency and gives dozens of practical tips and recommendations for the CIO to remain in the lead. The CIO Survival Guide is a book that every CIO should read.” Hotze Zijlstra, Editor in Chief, CIO Magazine Netherlands